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OCI was founded by Tyler Crosby with the sole desire to provide fast, cost effective Microsoft solutions for any O365 integrated entity. OCI is currently a sole proprietorship that is looking to grow into even further automation practices for further Enterprise Architecture.

"I am an O365 Guru who absolutely loves the Power Platform. I specialize in meeting with any stakeholder to determine their needs for automation and find ways to build enterprise tools that require little to no maintenance. I offer low to no code solutions. If coding is needed, I excel in DAX, M, and Power Query to generate any reporting needs that may be required. Selecting me is a in investment that will double down on its value year after year. I absolutely love what I do and love working with people who want to learn and embrace new technology. Historically, I have been referred to as the “secret weapon” that is employed to provide long term effective solutions at a low cost. If you are looking for a complete Microsoft environment investment, this is my specialty."

Tyler Crosby: Founder & CEO

Discover. Design. Deliver.

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