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Discover. Design. Deliver.

With Passion  behind design and self-service, OCI will focus on the Microsoft Power Platform environment to develop and release low cost, low code permanent solutions. Additionally, we know that this skill is one that can be taught to all that are interested. With that, we offer a very extensive training program that will ensure that when OCI has left, our tools will stand the test of time.

OCI has strong moral qualms against the traditional contracts that will build the most convoluted tools that require you to reup the contract repeatedly to guarantee business. OCI will give you exactly what you need and teach you how to maintain it yourself. With 8+ Years of experience developing these tools, OCI knows how to create enterprise solutions.

Microsoft Certified Case Studies

"By using Microsoft technology, we developed an enormously high-impact yet low-complexity answer that delivers a high rate of return. Plus … the productivity gains we make with Workspace Scheduler benefit our bottom line."

Tom Mescall: Partner-in-Charge, Consulting


"The ability to buy online and pick up in store has grown fast, and Net Promoter Scores measuring customer satisfaction are up. Working together and staying connected with technologies like Teams make these accomplishments possible."

Kevin Moffitt: EVP, Chief Retail Officer

Office Depot

"We saw Microsoft Power Platform as an ideal way to address a complex, financial problem in a very short period of time."

Anbu Anbarasu: Engineering Lead for Low Code Services, Client Technology


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